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We host reading groups, coffee hours, happy hours, panel discussions, and dinners with scientists of faith, faith leaders and anyone open to exploring the issues and questions that revolve around faith and science.

If you are interested in creating opportunities for such conversations in your own community we suggest using some of the resources found on this site. Holy Trinity Lutheran and Lutheran Campus Ministry in Chapel Hill got the ball rolling with simply listening to a PODCAST and doing a BOOK study together. Feel free to contact us for any helpful suggestions, or reach out to those in our links who would be happy to speak with yo.

As you begin your conversations together in your particular context, we suggest creating a "conversation covenant" that can help set the tone, create goals, and set boundaries. We understand these conversations can be hard and controversial, but when done in a healthy way they can be thought provoking and life enriching. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your "conversation covenant" and entering into discussion with one another.

  • Come into the conversation with respect for one another, treating everyone with dignity and value. Remember we are all created in the image of God.
  • Enjoy the conversation and actively listen to others perspectives. As the old saying goes, "we have two ears but one mouth." Listen generously and assume the best of each other.
  • Spend some time "defining the terminology". Defining the terms is important: don't assume everyone knows what you mean by "God" or "faith" or even "science".
  • Not all conversations are about having the right answer. Beware of debate, argumentation and trying to convince the other person to see everything the way you see it, or believe the same way you do. You will most likely not be able to "answer" all the questions; and that's okay! Go where your conversation leads and see what happens
  • Not all tension and disagreements are bad. Questions and different perspectives help us grow in life.
  • Be honest with your own questions and authentic with what you wrestle with in faith and science.