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Create a Conversation Covenant

As you begin your conversations together in your particular context, we suggest creating a "conversation covenant" that can help set the tone, create goals, and set boundaries.

Resources to Help Navigate Having Tough Conversations
University of Michigan: Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
Guidelines for Discussing Difficult or High Stakes Topics

The following guidelines can help instructors facilitate classroom discussion around controversial issues. Whatever the context, it is helpful to structure such discussions in a way that defines boundaries for the process and provides some degree of closure within the group.

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American Psychological Association
Managing Conversations When you Disagree

Here are some helpful tips to guide the conversation in a more positive direction:

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Indiana University: Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
Managing Difficult Classroom Discussions

How we manage difficult discussions can greatly impact how useful the conversations are to our goals, and what sort of impact they have on the dynamics of the group.

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