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We seek to foster connections and conversations among students, scientists, faith leaders, and community members. We are a group of scientists and members of a faith community primarily located in Chapel Hill and Durham NC, serving the University of North Carolina and Duke University. Our network grew out of conversations on faith and science at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill (an ELCA congregation).

We live our mission, vision and core values by providing a safe space where all can explore their questions about the intersection of the practice of faith and the study of science. In the area of Faith and Science the extremes and argumentative debates often get the most attention.

But what about us who are willing and open to explore together the commonality of mystery, curiosity and awe? We believe science and faith can play in the same sandbox of wonder.

We encourage you to create a safe place to ask the big questions on faith and science. Take the pastoral approach: asking and listening to the questions is often more important than the answer. Remember: not all "tension" is bad - tension on a string can create beautiful music. We are committed to changing the false narrative that one has to choose faith or science and that they are in a constant battle with one another.

Head over to our "getting the conversation started" page to discover ways you can dive into the discussion and create a healthy conversation.